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The Tech Frontier in Japan

Tech Giants

Japan is the home of pioneers like Sony, Panasonic, Nissan and Toyota- companies that have driven global markets and become a haven for tech professionals.

Emerging Tech Stars

Alongside established giants, Japan has a vibrant startup environment with companies like Rakuten, Paypay , Woven and Mercari that offer a dynamic work culture and are continually on the lookout for fresh, global talent.

Global Development Centers

Japan hosts offices for titans such as Google, Meta, Apple and Amazon. Next to the USA, these companies have their biggest offices in Japan. These centers are not just satellite offices but key operational sites where groundbreaking software and digital solutions are developed.

Government Initiatives

With a strategic plan to integrate 200,000 tech professionals into its workforce by 2024, Japan is setting the stage for a major transformation in its tech industry. This initiative by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) aims to push Japan forward as a leader in global technology innovation.

Why talented tech professionals should
take advantage of it


Aging Population

With 38% of the population over
60, Japan faces a shortage of skilled workers in the tech sector.


With a strategic plan to integrate 200,000 tech professionals into its workforce by 2024, Japan is setting the stage for a major transformation in its tech industry. This initiative by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) aims to push Japan forward as a leader in global technology innovation.

With a strategic plan to integrate 200,000 tech professionals into its workforce by 2024, Japan is setting the stage for a major transformation in its tech industry. This initiative by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) aims to push Japan forward as a leader in global technology innovation.

Tech Skills Gap

By 2025, there will be a shortfall of 369,000 workers in technology fields. This is a direct call to action for tech professionals like you to step in and make a difference.


Government-Led Growth

The Japanese government aims to attract 300,000 foreign workers by 2025, focusing on the IT and engineering talents.

Japan offers a great scope for tech professionals eager to advance their careers in
a progressive and supportive environment.

Benefits of working in Japan

Competitive Salaries and Benefits

Japan offers some of the most competitive salaries in the tech industry with an average of $70,000. This is also complemented by benefits packages that include health coverage, retirement plans, and much more

Work-life Balance

Recent shifts in corporate Japan emphasize work-life harmony, with policies like "Premium Fridays" encouraging early holidays and other initiatives aimed at reducing overtime.

Job Stability

Japan's labor laws are among the strongest globally. Companies in Japan cannot fire employees at will, which is not the case in other countries like the US.

High Demand with Fewer Applicants

For every job opening there is only an average of 2 applicants, which means there is a huge demand for skilled workers

How you can be a part of it

Getting into Japan as a tech employee is easier than many assume. The essentials are relevant
knowledge and key skills—and these are easily attainable

The real problem there isn't finding the opportunity—it's realizing that the
opportunity exists in the first place.

There’s a clear path to a rewarding career in Japan, but too often, this pathway remains hidden
because the right guidance is hard to come by.

That's why we have created this playbook.

After spending over ten years in Japan, we've come to understand and appreciate the
Japanese market and the unique lifestyle it offers.

Living and working here, we've observed a significant gap: Too many talented individuals from around
the world are completely unaware of the possibilities that await them in Japan.

They don't recognize the career openings or the personal growth opportunities
that are readily available.

It became clear to us that, although there is much to gain, not enough people know how to begin.

That's where our playbook comes into play. It was assembled by a team of software engineers, product
managers, and UI/UX designers who arrived in Japan with no prior knowledge and are now thriving at top
companies —like Nissan, Google Japan, Toyota and Mercari

Each contributor brings a decade of experience to the table. Having gone through the complexities and
challenges of finding a job in Japan ourselves, we've developed a comprehensive playbook to simplify
the process for tech professionals like you.

This playbook is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need not just to come to
Japan, but to succeed and thrive here.

What you get in this

Detailed video explanations of what it takes to start
your career in Japan

Necessary Skills required and where you can
learn them

Access to an exclusive community of like
minded people

Weekly updated job board

Connect you with potential recruiters

Also a Free 1-1 session with creators for next 50 Users


Computer Science
from Philippines

I am currently studying computer science and have always been curious about the tech scene in Japan. This playbook has opened my eyes to the opportunities available there, especially for internships. I've applied to several internships at companies I learned about through the playbook, which hires foreign interns. I'm hopeful and excited about the possibility of landing an internship in Japan. The community support from the playbook is also great; it’s really helpful to be able to ask questions and get advice from others who have applied to similar companies

Indian Software
at Infosys

Working at Infosys was rewarding, especially since my current client is a Japanese company. I really like the culture, so I was eager to work in Japan. A friend recommended this playbook, and it was straightforward and very helpful. It guided me in finding companies that suited my skills and helped me prepare for interviews. I connected with recruiters who set up interviews at Rakuten, Mercari, and PayPay. I received an offer from Rakuten as a senior software developer. I scheduled a 1-on-1 session, which was particularly useful. It helped me negotiate my salary, and I got 15% more than what was initially offered.

Junior developer from

I'm from Dhaka, Bangladesh, where I worked as a junior developer. I always dreamed of working in Japan. The playbook has been a great help, it connected me with recruiters, and I'm hopeful to schedule some interviews soon. I really appreciate the community that comes with the playbook, where I can ask any questions I have. It's been great for learning about the corporate culture in Japan and getting practical tips for relocating.

Cloud Architect from India

I was only passively looking for opportunities in Japan while working as a cloud architect for an automotive company in India. Through this playbook, I discovered Woven, a subsidiary of Toyota focused on cutting-edge technologies like 3D mapping and autonomous driving. I applied to the company and was initially unsuccessful, but I didn't give up. Two months later, I reapplied and landed an architect role with the Woven City team. The support I received from the creators of 'Land a Tech Job in Japan' was invaluable. This playbook has proven incredibly effective, and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to move to Japan.

AI Researcher from France

After completing my AI research in France and spending some time at Tokyo University for my PhD research, I developed a deep affection for Japan and decided to pursue a career there. This playbook was a great find - it showed me so many companies in Japan that are looking for AI skills. I was surprised to learn that many companies in Japan recruit for AI & Data Science. It not only connected me with tech leaders in Japan but also guided me through the visa process.

American SDE3 at Lyft

My wife is Japanese. After many discussions with my wife, we decided to move to Japan. I was working at Lyft in the U.S., but since Lyft doesn't operate in Japan, I needed to find new opportunities. This playbook was really effective in explaining everything from the tech landscape in Japan to the top companies that recruit foreign talent. Even though I had visited Japan three times and knew about the tech ecosystem, I still learned many new things from this playbook. It helped me narrow down top companies that are open to hiring international talent. I was connected to four recruiters through this platform, who are now helping me schedule interviews with these companies. I’m hopeful about securing an opportunity soon. The community support has been incredible for networking and getting practical advice.


The Playbook is designed to fully equip you with the resources needed for securing a tech job in Japan. This comprehensive package includes:

Video Guides
Gain access to a detailed series of over 15 videos, with new content added monthly, guiding you through every step of landing a job in Japan’s tech industry.

Private Community
Join an exclusive community of like-minded professionals where you can ask questions, exchange ideas, and receive ongoing support and insights.

Recruiter Connections
We facilitate direct connections with recruiters specializing in the Japanese tech market, giving you a critical edge in your job search.

Bi-monthly Calls
Participate in bi-monthly calls to discuss your progress, ask questions, and get personalized advice from the creators of this product and industry experts.

Free 1-on-1 Mentoring Session
For the next 50 users, enjoy a complimentary one-on-one mentoring session to further tailor your job search strategy and career planning.

This playbook is designed for:

1. STEM Students Aspiring for an International Tech Career: If you’re a student in STEM fields such as “Computer Science”, “Information Technology”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Data Science” and dream of launching your career overseas, this playbook serves as a bridge to one of the most technologically advanced markets in the world. It provides essential insights and tools to navigate the global job market with a focus on Japan.

2. Tech Professionals Looking to Work in Japan: Ideal for tech professionals seeking new opportunities, this playbook outlines why Japan is a fantastic option. Though the USA is often seen as the top destination for tech jobs, the challenging visa process can be a major hurdle. This guide helps navigate these challenges by presenting Japan as an accessible alternative with promising career prospects.

3. Japanese Language Students Targeting Tech Careers: If you’re learning Japanese and want to merge this skill with a tech career, this playbook shows you which Japanese companies value bilingual abilities. It provides practical tips on applying and thriving in Japan’s tech sector.

No, you do not need to be fluent in Japanese to secure a tech job in Japan. Our playbook is tailored for individuals who do not speak Japanese. In fact, tech teams in Japan are usually very diverse, and English is often the standard language used, so knowing Japanese is not necessary. While having some knowledge of the language can improve your job prospects and help with social integration, it’s not essential for getting a job in the tech industry.

Yes, we support these aspects as part of the onboarding process. Initially, we will review your resume and suggest roles that align with your skills and experience. You can ask any questions related to interview preparation, salary negotiation, and resume reviews in our private community—feel free to engage and seek advice there. For personalized and detailed assistance, we recommend booking a paid one-on-one session. This approach allows you to receive customized advice and strategies tailored to your specific needs and goals.

The playbook content is regularly updated to reflect the latest trends and changes in Japan’s tech industry, ensuring you receive the most current and relevant information.

After your purchase, you will have ongoing support through our bi-monthly calls and an active community forum. These resources are designed to help you navigate your career transition smoothly and successfully.

Yes, the playbook provides detailed guidance on visa requirements, the relocation process, and other logistical aspects of moving to Japan for work.

Purchasing the playbook does not guarantee a job in Japan. However, it significantly increases your chances of landing more interviews. This playbook offers comprehensive videos explaining the Japanese tech landscape and the top companies to consider. Additionally, we facilitate direct connections with recruiters in Japan, which can greatly enhance your prospects of securing interviews. By utilizing these resources, you are better positioned to navigate the job market and make impactful applications.

This playbook addresses common challenges such as cultural differences, workplace etiquette, and practical tips for integrating into the Japanese work environment as a foreign professional.

“If you’re visiting this page again, feeling unsure and hesitant about making
the decision, that’s completely fine. Take your time.”

But let us share something important with you—choosing this
playbook should be a straightforward decision.

Our team has spent over a decade working in the Japanese tech industry, helping many
navigate this unique market. We’ve developed a playbook that encapsulates all our
collective experience and insights, making it accessible to anyone interested in a tech
career in Japan. It’s packed with the insights, direct contacts, and proven strategies that
have opened doors for many others to companies like Sony, Google Japan, Rakuten,
Mercari, Toyota, and many more.

The investment for this course isn’t steep—it’s roughly equivalent to a fancy dinner. Considering
the value it provides, it’s a worthwhile investment in your future.

There are a few reasons this course might not be for you right now

If you’re not in the tech field, this playbook is specifically designed for tech professionals and might not match your current career path.

Maybe you’re unsure about
relocating to Japan or pursuing a
career in tech—that’s a choice only
you can make.

Or if making this investment would be
financially difficult for you at this
moment, please prioritize your
immediate needs.

But if these don’t apply, what’s stopping you?

We moved to Japan 10 years ago, starting from scratch, and have built thriving careers in one of the most innovative tech landscapes in the world. We’ve been where you are now, and we know the hurdles—and how immensely rewarding it can be to overcome them.

You’ve seen the testimonials from individuals who have used this playbook to transform their careers. This isn’t just about landing a job; it’s about building a fulfilling life and career in a place known for its cutting-edge technology and rich cultural heritage.

The course is instantly accessible, packed with resources you can start applying
today—no waiting, just doing.

Everything we offer is based on proven strategies and real-world experiences,
not trends or gimmicks.

The choice is now yours—to start a transformative journey today or to let this opportunity pass.
But remember, the pricing is dynamic and may increase next time.

If you’re ready to take the leap and join a community of tech professionals making it in Japan, let’s get
you started. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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